Finding cropmarks

Today a colleague and me “hunted” some cropmarks with the octocopter at several spots near Heidelberg. Some results are really nice and will keep us looking for more.
We flew really high (100m above ground level) to get some good shots – both straight down and also around 45°. Some results will follow.

Flight at castle Junkernhees

Flight tracks around castle Junkernhees with the octocopter
Today the next castle on the programm. Castle Junkernhees is situated in the south east of the modern city of Kreuztal. This building is a interesting object with a long history and several building decorations and details. We flew with the octocopter several times around all sides of the building to get enough shots for a complete reconstruction using SFM.

Junkernhees_pointcloud3 Junkernhees_pointcloud4
Junkernhees_pointcloud2 Castle Junkernhees SFM Result

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Ginsburg – once more

Flying at the Ginsburg castle with the octocopter
The second castle this week: the Ginsburg. It is not the most interesting stronghold and has seen many modifications and restorations after its clearance in the 1940ies. But through it’s visibility of the modern tower and the easy access it is a very good example for documenting a whole castle by Structure-From-Motion. After being here for several times since 2012, we hope to complete the 3D model with this visit.

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