Project ArchEyeAutomatic:

Automatic aerial documentation
of historic monuments in 3-D


Former Members

Christian Seitz (Ph.D. project)

Christian has started the ArchEye project in 2009. He is working on automated flight planning for 3D documentation of objects in Archaeology and Building Survey.

Silvan Lindner (Ph.D. project)

Silvan Lindner is a PhD-student on a scholarship by HGS (Heidelberg Graduate School) at the research group Optimization, Robotics & Biomechanics in Heidelberg. He studied mathematics with focus on optimal control theory and optimal experimental design, and received his master’s degree in 2016 at the JRG (Junior Research Group) of IWR (Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing) in Heidelberg. His research interests lie in the area of coverage-path and next-best-view planning, especially in the context of SfM reconstructions.

His PhD topic revolves around autonomous coverage-path-planning for SfM recordings using optimal experimental design, specifically in combination with multicopters and planes. In addition he is working on mesh-reduction algorithms

Valentin Chelaru (M. Sc. Physics)

Valentin is working on navigation and documentation using a Sick laserscanner. His algorithms will enable a rover, in this case a turtlebot, to navigate autonomously through buildings.

Letiția Pârcălăbescu (M. Sc. Computer Science)

Letitia is working on machine-learning bases segmentation methods. With her algorithms it will be possible to detect different, previously trained, areas and objects in photos. Using her software, we can mask backgrounds when using SFM.

Johannes Daub (B. Sc. Computer Science)

The project Johannes is working on is not directly related to drones, but to Archaeology. He is doing a utility-study on documentation software for archaeological excavations.

Maximilian Staiger  (B. Sc. Computer Science)

Maximilians topic is the development of a briding-tool which runs on android. This tool will route telemetry data from DJI drones to a PC and commands vice versa, so these drones can also be used with our software.

Alexander Stepanov (B.Sc. Computer Science)

Alex did his Bachelor Thesis on precise dropping of a ball while in flight. This topic is interesting for precision farming.

Michael Engler (M. Sc. Computer Science)

Michael wrote a utility to show the telemetry data from our Pixhawk based UAVs and also created the possibility to send commands to the UAV using the MAVLink protocol.

Gloria Feher (B. Sc. Computer Science)

The Bachelor Thesis of Gloria created a tool to mock-up a building by very simple geometric objects, allowing to easily create flight paths for the documentation.

Sascha Tebben (B. Sc. Computer Science)

Saschas topic was the planning of efficient mapping flights with several limitations like no-fly-zones.