Project ArchEyeAutomatic:

Automatic aerial documentation
of historic monuments in 3-D

Batteries and Chargers

Several sets of batteries for the different aircraft are available within project ArchEyeAutomatic. For the octocopter we have currently five pair of them, in this case with 4S setup and 5800 mAh each. The batteries are with 639 gram each the heaviest part of the copter. With each pair the octocopter can fly up to 20 minutes depending on the camera and the wind. Usually it is enough to cover fields of 500 by 500 meters without reloading the batteries. For the quadrotor we have some older 5000 mAh batteries. Flight times up to 30 minutes are possible carrying a GoPro camera in a gimbal with nick-compensation. Our other equipment, like the video preview device, is driven by two 6600 mAh batteries.

To recharge the batteries we have two chargers, one of Schulze Elektronik, which can recharge two batteries at the same time with a maximum of 6A each. A second one is from Robbe, the PowerPeakTriple. It can recharge three batteries at the same time with up to 10A for each battery. We charge usually with 7.5A so it takes somewhat about 45 minutes until the batteries are fully recharged. Both chargers can be used at the car-battery, but it has to run, otherwise the car-battery would be empty quite fast.