Structure-from-Motion and Flights at Allerheiligen Abbey

Last week our research group retreated for different smaller projects to Allerheiligen abbey in the Black Forrest – where we, Benjamin and me, offered a workshop on 3D modelling by Structure-From-Motion. The Abbey was a great sandbox to show the colleagues how to take the necessary photos, even at quite complex structures. We split up into small groups, each documenting different parts of the abbey.

To get a complete model of the abbey, we also planned flights with the octocopter, permission for the flights was kindly granted by the Staatliche Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württemberg. Due to bad weather conditions, we only could fly on one day and only the eastern part of the church. Anyways we got some nice overview shots and could cover the whole area with highly overlappin nadir photos. Additionally we photographed some parts of the higher walls and details.

The photos were scaled to 2000px max and computed with four laptops in the evening to make sure the photos are sufficient for the full reconstruction. With this method we detected several missed areas which we completed on the second and third day. We also borrowed the GNSS (or DGPS) system of the Institute for Classical Archaeology (thanks to Prof. R. Stupperich!) to set ground control points to georeference the 3D model.

Overall we took 2050 photos with different cameras, providing enough data for a nice model.

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